Our Story

Where we come from, and where we're going.

Our Story

Reference87 was born in Auckland, New Zealand to provide a solution for creatives seeking high quality, unique reference material. Ben Kaye and Taylor Compain are the driving forces behind this vision. 


Our mission is to create a tightly knit community of creatives and provide a library of unique and high­ quality images for artists. We know that creativity has no limit, which is why our library will be constantly evolving to keep up with creative endeavours.


87 in Action

We want to see what you create with our images - don't forget to tag us in your work #MADEWITHR87 @Reference_87


Ben Kaye Founder @dbkaye

Ben has been tattooing all over the world for the last 10 years; specialising in realism for 5 of those years. Over time he started to develop a love for photography and crafting his own unique references. Taking a concept full circle from idea, to photo, to tattoo.
Wanting to share this passion and knowledge with the tattoo community - he decided to start Reference87.

Taylor Compain Executive Operations Manager @taylorcompain

Taylor has come from a Social Media, Ecommerce, and Design background. Sharing the same passion for creativity and wanting to do something more within the tattoo community she jumped at the opportunity to help Ben start Reference87. Across all channels she manages day-to-day operations and everything in between.